The Plumbago Lounge

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Welcome to the Plumbago Lounge! Sit down and relax.

If you're here from GenCon, welcome! I had a great time playing Secrets and Lies at the convention. If you were there, you made it all worthwhile and I hope you enjoy your free copy of the game.

The PDF of Secrets and Lies is now available at Steve Jackson Games through their e23 store and at RPGNow.

FreeIf you're on the go, try Nutshell. Nutshell takes the essentials from Secrets and Lies and puts it into a role-playing game that fits on a business card. Try it out anywhere.

Rules for playing Pelgrane Press's Mutant City Blues with Secrets and Lies are posted here. Mutant City Blues is a police procedural game set in a world of superpowers (but not superheroes).

Secrets and Lies is a modern-day table-top role-playing game for ages 16 and up. It is a game about crime and redemption, set in a ficticious nightclub in Miami Beach called the Plumbago Lounge.